Hi Michelle

I've been monitoring Ethan's progress with regards to his movement sense. I've noticed over the past few weeks that he has been doing really well on the trampoline and swing. On the swing he could never go too high as the backward motion would send him into a tizz. Now, he can go really high and loves it. Also, he does somersaults and hand stands on the trampoline. This really impressed me as he couldn't do this before, he could only tolerate linear movements. Lastly, we attended a party at Duck 'n Deck this weekend. Ethan enjoyed, and loved, two pony rides! He could never do this! I was absolutely amazed. I'm not sure exactly what you have been doing with him but I can see so many improvements and he "blames" you for it.

So, from Stuart and myself, a BIG thank you my dear. I can't put my appreciation into words. Ethan and his sister, like all kids to moms I'm sure, are my life. The value you add to my boy is priceless and I cannot thank you enough.

Well done! You are such an asset!

Due to this, I'm going to try my best to ensure I can afford to keep Ethan in your group for next year.

Thanx again Michelle.
Warm Regards Cindy